In the tango world, he is the undisputed “king of the vinyl”, one of the few tango DJs around who dare to play music from old vinyl records in the true spirit of the good old times. Damián has an unmistakeable style, marked by his long experience as a DJ, the quality of his collection and the pure sound of his vinyls. He started to DJ in 1999 in his native Buenos Aires learning and getting inspiration from the legendary milongueros and DJs of the time. Since then he’s been DJ-ing at all landmark milongas in Buenos Aires and major tango festivals around the world becoming one of the most wanted and beloved DJs of our time. You wouldn’t want to miss his set on Saturday night!


Native from Turkey with a passport from Sweden and residing in Germany, Tugba has all that it takes to be a James Bond girl – the looks, the brains, the style and a big disarming smile. Most importantly for us, she also has what it takes to be a great tango DJane – she’s got the music! Her name rings a bell of happiness and bliss for many tango addicts who have already danced to her inspiring sets at one of the numerous festivals and marathons across Europe. Needless to say, we are thrilled to have her entertain us on Friday night!


A rising tango DJ star from Romania, already shining bright with her taste, style and versatility. Irina believes that a milonga needs a bit of everything and this is what she delivers – the music throughout her sets can be instrumental as well as vocal, rhythmical and slow, energetic and sentimental, simple and profound. Dancers are inspiration and joy for her and she tries to keep them in a happy mood throughout the milonga. We are certainly looking forward to experience her music!


The greek addition to our DJ lineup is an experienced tango dancer, teacher, organiser and DJ from Thessaloniki with an endless passion for tango dance and music. His travels all over the world offered him the chance to amass a huge collection of both mainstream and rare tango music that deserves to be heard. Each of the songs he plays has its own story and a hidden meaning that can be expressed through the art of dancing. “My tango music always bewitches the audience that wants to dance till dawn” says Ilias. So, prepare for some serious dancing!


Dj Vladi is the secret weapon of the Bulgarian tango scene – always full of surprises and ready to pull a pair of aces out of his sleeve, so we expect a creative and memorable DJ set form him. Being an addicted tango dancer himself, his music is always danceable and inspiring and you can definitely count on having a great time dancing to it.