DÍA DEL TANGO Sofia 2018

the french edition | l’édicion française

The celebration of the Day of Tango in Sofia this year is dedicated to the “french connection” in the history of the tango. One of the cities through which tango triumphantly entered and conquered Europe in the beginning of 20th century is Paris, where it perfectly fitted in the bohemian way of life. Since then France has been a constant source of inspiration and recognition for many musicians, composers and dancers of tango. Not surprisingly, Paris is the place where the great Astor Piazzolla opened a new page in the genre by creating the style known as “tango nuevo”. Also, it is a well known fact that Carlos Gardel, the iconic tango singer and composer, was born in Toulouse, France, with the name Charles Gardes. So it is quite natural that on his birthday which is celebrated as the Day of Tango around the world we should pay tribute to France as well! To celebrate the “french connection” in tango we will welcome from Paris the french tango duo Doble Filo which will perform at two special events dedicated to the Day of Tango – a concert for those who love watching and listening to tango and a Gran Milonga (Tango Ball) for those who like to dance it. Both events will take place in the beautiful Slaveykov Hall of the French Institute in Sofia which will further contribute to the french spirit of the celebration. In addition to this, tango dancers will be able to warm-up for the Day of Tango at a special Sofia – Paris Tango Weekend beforehand, organized by Juvetud Tango Sofia and Tango Young Paris with leading dancers from both organizations performing at the concert by Duo Doble Filo.


One celebration, two events!

10 December, Monday


with Duo Doble Filo (France)

“Tango de Buenos Aires à Paris”

  • 19:30 – 21:00
  • Slaveykov Hall, French Institute, Sofia, 3 Slaveykov Sq.
  • PROGRAM: Traditional and contemporary tango music
  • DANCE: Sophie Monnier (France) & Vladi Petrov (Bulgaria)
  • TICKET PRICE: 15 lv. advance sale / 20 lv. at the door

11 December, Tuesday



Día Del Tango “à la française”

  • 20:00 – 00:00
  • Slaveykov Hall, French Institute, Sofia, 3 Slaveykov Sq.
  • LIVE MUSIC: Duo Doble Filo (France)
  • DJ: MamaLoca (Bulgaria)
  • ADMISSION FEE: 12.50 lv. advance payment / 15 lv. at the door

Special guests: Duo Doble Filo

The duo with two faces

One of the french highlights of this year’s Day of Tango celebration will be the Parisian tango duo Doble Filo, the result of the artistic partnership between the pianist Chloë Pfeiffer and the bandoneonist Lysandre Donoso. Their repertoire covers almost all periods of the history of tango music, including both traditional and contemporary tangos, decorated with the dynamics, finesse and the rich harmonic palette of their interpretations. They are part of one of the most celebrated french tango orchestras, Silbando, (of which Chloë is founder and artistic director) and are equally awesome when they play music for dancing and for listening. To demonstrate this they will present two different musical programs at each of the two events on the occasion of the Day of Tango. At the tango concert on the 10th of December Duo Doble Filo will perform a diverse program consisting of traditional as well as contemporary tangos including compositions by Astor Piazzolla, during some of which the musicans will be joined on stage by the wonderful dancers Sophie Monnier from Paris and Vladi Petrov from Sofia. And on the next day (11th December), at the gran milonga, Duo Doble Filo will perform danceable tangos, valses and milongas in “tandas” following the arrangements of various famous orchestras from the Golden Age of tango. Their live tandas will be mixed with tandas of recorded music from the Golden Age selected by DJ MamaLoca in a unique musical dialogue between musicians and DJ. So, whatever your favourite way of enjoying tango is, don’t miss the performances of Duo Doble Filo, the duo with two faces – one for those who love listening and one for those who love dancing.

Information about the tickets

This event is now over. Thank you to all those who bought tickets and joined the party.

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