Participation to the festival workshops is possible only with an advanced registration which is made online via the festival website www.diadeltango.com

Attendance to the milongas and concerts is possible after the purchase of an individual ticket or a package. Tickets for individual milongas will only be sold at the door. Tickets for individual concerts will be sold in advance online and at selected box offices in Sofia and any remaining concert tickets will be sold at the door before each concert. Milonga packages are limited to 100, include entry to all milongas and will be sold in advance online and at the door before the first milonga, subject to availability. Concert packages are limited to 50, include entry to all concerts and will be sold in advance online and at the door before the first concert, subject to availability. Milongas and concerts are without reserved seating.


Workshops are limited to 30 participants.

All workshops will be taught in English.

All workshops except WORKSHOP 3A – LEADERS’ TECHNIQUE and WORKSHOP 3B – FOLLOWERS’ TECHNIQUE require participation with a partner. It is strongly advised that participant register in couples using the “REGISTRATION FOR COUPLES” option. In case of single registrations for each workshop the organizers will assign a partner on a random basis from the single registrants of the oposite gender. The organizers take no responsibility as to the level and the physical characteristics (i.e. height) of the assigned partner. The teachers my change partners during the workshops if it is required or considered beneficial for the learning process.

All workshops have a suggested minimum level of competence (“all levels”, “intermediate” and “advanced”) and it is expected that participants will not register for workshops above their level. Each participant is advised to use common sense by determining their own level using their experience from attending classes at their local school or other festival or seeking advice from their local teachers. The organizers take no responsibility if the festival teachers refuse to offer advice or teaching on elements which they deem as a prerequisite for the level of the respective workshop.

The official duration of each workshop is 90 min. which includes the warm-up and the class summary. The organizers take no responsibility if this duration is reduced by delays caused by participants or teachers.

Taking fotos and videos during the workshops is not allowed. The teachers may choose to do a class summary at the end of the workshop which may be filmed subject to the teachers’ approval.


The milongas and concerts on Friday (11 December) and Saturday (12 December) are limited to 500 guests. On Sunday (13 December) the concert is limited to 100 guests and the milonga – to 200 guests. Everyone who has purchased a milonga or a concert package has a guaranteed entry to all milongas or concerts, respectively. Everyone who has purchased a concert ticket in advanced has a guaranteed entry to the respective concert. If the limit of guests for a milonga or a concert is reached the organizers will stop the sale of tickets for this event at the door.

All festival venues are NON-SMOKING.

It is not allowed to bring drinks and food to the concerts and the milongas.

Taking fotos and videos during the concerts is not allowed.

The rules, customs and etiquette of dancing at a milonga should be observed by all guests of the festival milongas. Anyone who is not acquainted with them, should consult their local community, their teachers or the festival staff prior to attending the milongas. The organizers reserve the right to restrict access to the dance floor at the milongas for guests with inappropriate behaviour.

The organizers strongly encourage everyone to enjoy with their eyes and years the teachers’ performances during the milongas and to refrain from recording the shows. The organizers will arrange for all performances to be recorded by professionals and will publish the videos shortly after the festival to be viewed by everyone who wants to live the magic once again.


Registrations and ticket purchases are valid only upon receipt of payment in full by the festival organizers. Payments for workshop registration and milonga/concert packages can be made by credit/debit card and Paypal online upon registration on the festival website or by bank transfer after a duly completed registration form has been submitted via the festival website.

In case of payment by bank transfer any places for workshops and/or milonga/concert packages will be held for up to 10 days after the submission of the registration form. If within this period the full amount of the registration free of any bank fees and commissions doesn’t reach the bank account designated by the festival organizers, the places will be released and a new registration form must be submitted.

For participants residing in Bulgaria payments can be done also by cash to the authorized representatives (as stated on the festival website) or at the following address upon setting up an appointment by phone:

Tango & Pepper Studio
3 Graf Ignatiev St., fl.2
Tel. for appointment: +359 888 352424


No changes to the registration are possible once it has been paid and confirmed by the organizers. However, participants may add additional workshops to their registration upon their check-in at the festival desk or at any time during the festival subject to availability of places. Payments for any additional workshops shall be done in cash at the festival desk.


Tickets for the concerts are not refundable.

Advance workshop and milonga registrations are refundable according to the following conditions and deadlines:

  • In case of a cancellation of a registration until 15th October the amount of the registration will be refunded in full minus a €25 administrative fee
  • In case of cancellation of a registration between 15th October and 15th November 50% of the amount of the registration will be refunded, provided the total amount of the registration is more than €50. If the registration amount is less than €50 no refund will be possible after 15th October.
  • No refunds are possible after 15th of November.
  • It is NOT possible to make partial cancellations (i.e. to cancel only selected workshops).

If any of the events (workshop, milonga, concert) are cancelled by the organizers their respective fees and/or tickets will be refunded in full

If the festival is cancelled as a result of a natural disaster or an “act of God” no refunds will be made.

All refunds will be made by bank transfer up to 30 days after the end of the festival. All refund recipients must provide valid bank account details. Bank fees and commissions will be at the expense of the recipients of the refund.


Registrations can be transferred to another person at any time before 10th December, providing the following conditions are met:

(a) the replacement must be of the same gender;
(b) the cancelling participant must send a message to diadeltango@gmail.com from the email address that they used for registration no later than 9th December with the full name and email of the replacement; and
(c) any fee transfers must be arranged between the participant and the replacement.
If conditions (a) and (b) are note met the replacement may be refused access to the workshops.

Transfers can be done in full or in parts (i.e. only for selected workshops).


The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program, the schedule of the events and the listed venues. If such a change occurs, notifications will be send to those who have subscribed to receive email notifications from the Dia(s) Del Tango Festival. Any changes will also be updated on the festival website and communicated during the festival.