Día Del Tango Weekend

is a 3-day event which takes place on the occasion of the Day of Tango (Día Del Tango) – the birth date of Carlos Gardel and Julio De Caro. This year, again, we will celebrate this important date with a more intimate but still full of high-quality tango weekend featuring 4 workshops for tango dancers, 1 afternoon milonga, 2 evening milongas with shows, and our traditional annual Tango Ball (Gran Milonga) in honour of el Día del Tango.

Our special guests will be the dancers and maestros from Italy, Lorena Tarantino & Giovanni Cocomero, who will teach the workshops and perform a show during the Gran Milonga. We will also see a demo performance by the talented tango dancer from Mexico Alonso Álvarez who will dance with our local tango star Maria Uzunova as well as  a surprise show by leading Sofia maestros. During the milongas, 5 awesome DJs will entertain us with their musical selections of tangos, milongas and valses.


  • Giovanni Cocomero & Lorena Tarantino (IT)
  • Maria Uzunova (BG) & Alonso Álvarez (MX)
  • Sofia tango maestros


  • Lorena Tarantino (IT)
  • Boyko Amarov (BG)
  • Vladislav ‘Bastoon’ Petrov & Dobrin Nedev (BG)
  • Gergana MamaLoca Boeva (BG)

Milonga Program

The fee for each milonga is payable at the door. Package/pass purchases, advance registrations or bookings for milongas are not possible

8 December, Friday

  • 21:00 – 02:00
  • Tango & Pepper Studio, 3 Graf Ignatiev Str.
  • Show: Maria Uzunova & Alonso Álvarez
  • DJ: Boyko Amarov
  • Entrance: 8 lv.

9 December, Saturday

  • 16:00 – 20:00
  • Tango & Pepper Studio, 3 Graf Ignatiev Str.
  • DJ: Gergana MamaLoca Boeva
  • Entrance: 5 lv.

  • 21:00 – 02:00
  • Palante Downtown, 78 Rakovski St.
  • Surprise show by Sofia maestros
  • DJ: Lorena Tarantino
  • Entrance: 10 lv.

10 December, Sunday

  • 20:30 – 00:30
  • Central Military Club Ballroom, 7 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.
  • GALA SHOW: Giovanni Cocomero & Lorena Tarantino
  • DJ Duo: Vladislav Bastoon Petrov & Dobrin Nedev
  • Entrance: 15 lv.

Día Del Tango Workshops

This year, at the initiative and in cooperation with Juventud Tango Studio, we invited Giovanni Cocomero and Lorena Tarantino, a couple of young and very talented dancers and teachers of Argentine tango from Italy, to teach a series of 4 workshops. As usual, the focus of the Dia Del Tango workshops is on musicality. Apart from two interlinked musicality workshops Giovanni and Lorena will teach a workshop on sacadas and a workshop on technique for followers.

All workshops will be taught in English and will take place in Palante Downtown Dance Hall on 78 Rakovski St.

Below are the schedule, the topics and and prices for the workshops. Click on each workshop name to see a detailed description.

9 December

“If to heighten creativity means to increase our chances of interpreting tango in an always more personal and detailed way, then musicality is the right key.
In this workshop, we’ll study the different sensation that modifying the musical interpretation allows to taste.”

“If to heighten creativity means to increase our chances of interpreting tango in an always more personal and detailed way, then musicality is the right key.
In this workshop we’ll analyse the musical phrases’ questioning and answering. We’ll treat valuable hints to research our own personal musical predilection observing tango described by various instruments and orchestras.”

10 December

“To take the space donated by the other is an action of mutual concession but also of subtitle opportunism.
We’ll study the timing concept and the principles that rule sacadas.
We’ll value the exploitation of embrace’s limits.
We’ll analyse some of the tangles of heels and legs that sacadas sometimes generate and that only rotation can loose, with the aim of playing on the chessboard intriguing and renewable combinations.
We’ll enjoy creating valuable and practicable sacadas paths in a social context.”


All prices are for a single participant 
Single Workshop 25 lv.
MUSICALITY pack (workshops 1+2) 45 lv.
MUSICALITY + SACDAS pack (workshops 1+2+3) 60 lv.

A few words about the teachers:

ORENA TARANTINO and GIOVANNI COCOMERO are young and extremely talented dancers and teachers of Argentine tango from Naples. They have been trained and educated by some of the most famous maestros in Argenina and Italy. Currently, they are teaching at two of the leading Italian tango schools – Salone Margherita (Naples) and Gtango (Salerno) and they actively teach and promote Argentine tango at the University of Salerno and in many schools in Campania. They have participated as maestros and/or organizers in many significant tango events in Italy such as Santa Mergellina Tango Fest, Cerasiello Marathon, Agritango Roots Festival, Salerno International Tango Festival, A’ Baragia Tango Marathon, Wonder Tango Festival, TangoFest Palermo etc. They have also participated as dancers and maestros in many festivals and tango events in other European countries, such as Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Lora and Giovanni love studying art in all its shapes and in Tango they find the most liberated frame of expression for their eclectic personalities, a dance through which they communicate sincere emotions and genuine feelings. From here, their constant research for an always more precise way of communication that gets where the words stop and only the sensations reveal the answers.


This event is over.